Be blessed to witness God’s glorious in a Afrcian prison

Feb 15th, Saturday

It’s my first time going to the prison. And this is an African prison. There have around 200 prisoners, most of them are man, they are in a place half the size of basketball court. I imagine the prison always have uniform and high wall around, but here just normal clothes and little house. The prisoners also need people send food to them during their time in prison.

Mercy ministry visits there every two weeks. Usually there will have around 10 people attend. They first praise the Lord in African worship songs. Then one person share about the Bible. After that they separate to several groups. If they can memorize some bible verses, they will get a bible.

During this whole process, I just felt helpless. So I prayed:’Lord, please forgive my inadequacy, I can’t do any help here. I can’t speak language. Please send the right person to come here, so the prisoners could know you. But I won’t come next time.’

However, God always surprises me. Just right after that prayer, a Chinese man showed up in front of me. We didn’t talk too much, because it was almost time to leave. I just got to know his name is Wang. He can’t speak any other language except mandarin. I am so sad for him being a foreign prison.

Feb 16th, Sunday

After met Wang in prison,  I have a heavy heart for him. I can’t imagine a life be like that. I also afraid I don’t have enough wisdom to say the right thing to let him know Jesus.  I want to give him a Bible, but I just have my own Chines bible.  I tried to contact with some Chinese business man here in town, some of them are Christians, they willing to give me a bible.

Feb 22th, Saturday

I met Jane. Four generation before, her great-grandparents from China became missionaries to Brunei. She and her husband are both dentists, they have been doing mission work in Burma every year for 7 years. They also have been doing short term crew on Mercy ships every year for about 10 years.  She will be on ship for 3 weeks. After she heard the story of Wang, she just willing to help this man. She also can speak some mandarin.

God just arranged all the things perfectly in His plan.

March 1st,Saturday

The second time that could go to prison. I brought the bible. Jane brought some food for Wang. Jane just told him about creation, sin, the fall, Jesus, the cross, his death, resurrection, and God’s forgive love. And Jane asked Wang if it was ok for pray for him. He said yes. And without ask he to follow the prayer, he just repeated  what I translate from Jane. He accepted Jesus.

What a surprise! I was so nervous and anxious about how to lead him to Jesus. But he just accepted Him.

God is always bigger than my mind.

March 9th, Sunday

I got talked to Wang’s sister back  China. And I also visited his company here in Africa. I got to know a little bit of this person.

He lost his father in his young age. His family living in the rural area. He didn’t got chance have educated. So he has been doing labor work all his life. But he never did bad things before. He got to know he can get more salary in Africa, he decide to come for around $800 salary instead of $300 salary in China every month. He is a fishing man, he been in a boat long time far away from the shore. He been bully by his college so he killed that man.  Then he came to prison about 3 months. His company seems not cared about him so much now. They started not send him food every day.

March 15th, Saturday

The third time we visited prison. Before Jane left, she asked Georgina to come to help me in prison this time.

Georgina shared about the lost sheep(luke 15:1-7), explained the Lord’s Prayer. We prayed together with Wang. Then Kim, always been in prison ministry,  shared about how God love him so much that God put me here to talk to him. God know his name and called him by name to His son. Kim also encouraged him put his hope in almighty God.

I felt Wang also surprised about this God and His love.

Someway, somehow, I felt relief today about Wang. Every person’s life here on earth always has difficulties. I can’t even get myself out of my little sufferings and confusions about future. I am grateful God showed me his harvest work on Wang’s life, he bring this lost sheep back forever home.

Tuesday(March 18th) Wang will be go to court for his final judgement. Please pray for him that God’s will be done Wang’s life and God will be with him wherever he been.